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Eli and Chuck Warda play open mic every Thursday and every last Wednesday !

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BANDS we like to perform with:

 Lost Creek Gang Second Generation Pranksters

Born from Ken Babbs

Book Description @ http://www.skypilotclub.com/

Intriguing Story’s and Pictures.

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Live, LOST CREEK Music from 420-10. Copy from the Soundboard.

Go to http://rexfoundation.org, then click the Launch Music Stream button in the upper right corner.

When the music player opens, scroll down to Lost Creek - 420 - Prankster Offspring and click Track 01

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Below is new and old photos, and links!

Get DEAP IN THE WATTERY WEB, and Enjoy the float.

Booking Call

Eli 503-939-5373


Picture below is Bruce Hornsby sitting in with us in LOST CREEK,

at the house of KEN BABBS

 Video link from the 420 party!

Media Campus

Picture below is with STEVE KIMOCK sitting in @ Mt. TABOR Theater!

Picture below is us sitting in with the Pranksters at the

Woodstock 40th anniversary in Golden Gate Park, 2009.

The Merry Pranksters Unite with the Gangsters,

for the Holly Goof in all of us! New Team Jackets, Hoodies and T-shirts!

PranksterApparel.com  Ken Babbs’ web page. Skypilotclub.com

40th anniversary of Woodstock Festival held

in S.F. Oct. 25th2009, at Golden Gate Park! It was called the West Fest

 Lost Creek Gang performed with the Merry Pranksters!

 Video Links of the show!



Old T-shirt design and Gang membership badges, above!


LOST CREEK IS A TRIBUTARY TO THE WILLAMETTE RIVER, Literally connecting just below the Dexter Damn!

We are more than just a band, we are a way of life!
Who's in the band?  Check below!    Click on their picture to go to their Face Book page!
The Individual pictures and information about the players in the group, are on this page!


Chuck Warda, is from Hartford, Connecticut, professionally trained, knows thousands of songs, played with plenty, even Trey from Phish.  Moved here 8 years ago, and has made some great bands happy.



Riggs Fulmer, aka (Ocean) 37 from Kentucky, a Prankster at heart, he found us. Plays guitar and sings vocals.  Super creative, and loves to make you smile!  There he is on the bus Futher with his joker hat!

Lee Taylor on Sax, Soprano, and flute, long time native Oregonian, and plays with lot’s of bands in Portland! 

Our drummers vary, but I’d expect the best for this show, Ryan Butson, he’s been around for many years, he’s played with so many bands, I can’t name them all.  The best one might have been, the “Ike Willis Band!”  



Next is our Pianist, he’s the sax player’s buddy from high school, Lake Oswego, and he’s played with almost every dead cover band in Portland, he commits to jazz and jam sounds.  He plays the big gigs with us, and this would be one of them.  This is Steve Thun.  Oregon Native. And Oregon Ducks alumni. 


Bass player and Leader of the Gang, Eli J. Babbs  Thanks YOU!  Aka mr.E.

Started the band in 1991 while attending the U of O.  Played with most every musician in Eugene and Portland.  Keeps up with his passion, by promoting venues, and different bands as well!

Logo’s for Gigs! Promotor’s copy pictures for posters!

Click this link below for a live preview! Look there’s Ken Kesey’s Magic bus in the background below!  How’s that for Further ACTION!

Soon the Bus will travel to your town.  All buses welcome to convoy on the next Continent tour!


Stickers from the past!

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